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Chicken croquettes

Yesterday I made Fish croquettes and today I make Chicken croquettes, it was just awesome. You can make any experiment with Chicken and the taste just make you too much happy.

Let's see how to make this fish croquettes.

1/2 kg boneless chicken.
4 tbsp white flour.
1 cup milk (200 ml)
2 onions chopped.
8 minced green chilies.
1 tsp ginger paste.
1 tsp garlic paste.
1 tsp cumin paste.
1 tsp chilly powder.
2 tsp salt.
Soybean oil.
1 egg.
2 tbsp flour.
bread crumb.

First take a pot and boil the chicken pieces 10-15 minutes with water.
Then cut the boiled chicken in small pieces or you can shredded it.

Now heat up a pan with 3 tbsp oil add onions and chilies saute it.

Add cumin, ginger, garlic paste  mix well.
Then add 2 tsp salt and 1 tsp chilly powder.

Then add 4 tbsp flour saute it 2-3 minute.

Then add milk in it and mix well.

Simmer it, then add boiled chicken in it.

Now cook it till all the ingredients come together or till it become sticky.

Now chill it.

Then break a egg in a bowl whisk it with a fork.

Then take a little portion of your mixture make a shape as you like.
Then roll it in flour, dip it in egg and finally roll it in bread crumb.

Prepare all the Chicken croquettes like this.

Now heat up a pan with 1/2 cup oil and make shallow fry all the Chicken croquettes till it change its color.

Serve hot with tomato sauce.

Enjoy.. :-)

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