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Bread Chaat

In morning we are become very busy for going to work, school, college etc. and we don't have time
to have a healthy and yummy breakfast.
So now I give you a recipe which is healthy and yummy.
It's take a little time to make this recipe.

4 bread slices.
1 egg boiled & minced.
Cucumber minced.
1 medium size potato(boiled & mashed).
1/2 cup yogurt.
1 tbsp sugar.
4 green chillies(chopped).
1 medium size onions(chopped).
1 tbsp sugar.
Roasted cumin & chilly powder/ chat masla
Vegetable oil,
(Serve to 2 person)

Heat a pan with 3 tbsp oil add the chopped onions and chillies and saute it.
When the onions become brown add the mashed potato, chat masla add salt as per your taste.
Stir it and pour it in a plate.

Then bake the bread in a wok a little.

Take a bowl pour yogurt and sugar mix it properly.

Now smear the yogurt in bread and keep it in a plate
 then sprinke the mashed potato, cucumber minced, egg minced, little yogurt
and then sprinkle roasted cumin & chilly powder/ chat masla and serve it.

I think this recipe will enjoyable and helpful for your breakfast.
Try it in home hope you like this.

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