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For phuchka:
1 cup white flour.
1/2 cup semolina.
1/2 tsp baking powder.
1 tsp talmakhana.
water as much needed.
Oil for shallow fry.

For phuchka filling:
250 g potatoes(boiled & mashed).
150 gram lentil (boiled).
2 dry chillies(roasted).
Chat masla(roasted cumin & chilly powder).
2 tbsp Tamarind pulp.
(Serve to 5 person)

Take a bowl and combine all the things for phuchka.
Pour flour, semolina then add baking powder, talmakhana and add water for
making soft dough.
Keep it aside for 1 hour.
Take another bowl and make the phuchka filling.
Combine mashed potatoes, lentil and roasted chillies.
Add salt and chat masla as needed for a good flavour.
Take a pot and add little water and chat masla with tamarind pulp.
Now take the phuchka dough and roll out thinly.
Use a metal glass to cut the phuchka.
And shallow fry in the oil till it become golden brown and crispy.
Now take a phuchka and break little it's surface and add the filling in it
then add some cucumber then pour little pulp and serve it.

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