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Alur luchi with Kheer

For Alur Luchi.
250 gram Potatoes.
1/2 kg flour.
1/2 tablespoon salt.
Oil if need for making dough.
Soyabean oil for fry.

For Kheer:
100 gram rice.
1/2 kg milk.
2 cardamoms.
2 little piece cinnamon.
Sugar to taste.
(serving 4 person)

How to make alur luchi:
Boiled the potatoes then peel it & mashed it.
Mix it with flour add 1/2 tsp salt and make soft dough.
If you need oil then use it .
Now take a small portion and roll out make a spherical shape.
All the luchi roll out like this.
Heat a pan with sufficient oil.
Fry the luchis till it become golden brown.

How to make Kheer:
Take a pot and boiled the rice with water,add 2 cardamoms & 2 little piece cinnamon.
Take another pot heat up with 1/2 kg milk.
Pour the boiled rice in it and blending it.
Add sugar to taste.
Boiled 2-3 times and serve cold with hot alur luchi.

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