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Vermicelli Cake(Semai Pitha) step by step

Step 1: take 100 gram vermicelli, 2 eggs & flour.

Step 2: Heat up a pot with 1/2 liter milk when milk boiled add 3 cinnamon, a little piece cardamom & 250 gram sugar stir it for a little time & cover it. Cook it in medium heat.  (Add sugar as per your taste).

Step 3: Heat a pot with 1 cup water when it boiled pour vermicelli in it, stir it for a little time.

Step 4: Take a bowl pour the vermicelli make it cool down.
Add 2 eggs, 2 tsp flour & add sugar as per your taste. Mix properly.

Step 5: Heat up a pan with sufficient oil.
Take a small portion of vermicelli mixing use your hand to make a spherical shape
All the mixing make shape like this and fry in oil till it become light brown.

Step 6: when the cake fry properly drained oil and pour in the milk.

Step 7: Soak it for 10 minutes serve it hot or cold as you like.

( This food is enough for 7-8 person)

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