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Ankon's oreo wafer dessert shooters

I just made some heavy cream and chocolate syrup then I thought to make a new dessert. Then I saw that I have some wafer and oreo biscuits at my home. Then I just get the idea to make oreo wafer  dessert shooters. I think children, teenage or adults everyone like this recipe. You can make it for any occasion  also. You can make the heavy cream and chocolate syrup any time and store it in freezer and so that you can use it any time  when you need.

Now first I will give you the recipe of heavy cream
For this you will need,
2 cup milk(250 ml)
2 eggs
2 tbsp white flour.
2 tbsp butter
Few drops of vanilla essence.
2 tsp sugar.

Take a pot heat up with 2 cup milk.
When it come into boil break the eggs add in it.
Mix it well.
Mix 2 tbsp flour with 5 tbsp of water then pour it in the milk.
Stir it, to make it thick.
Now take off from heat add vanilla essence, butter, sugar and blend it.
Now keep it in the freeze, if you want use it few days later then keep it in the freezer.

For chocolate syrup you will need,
1 cup milk
1 tsp custard powder
1 tsp cocoa powder.
Grated dark chocolate 3 tbsp.
1 tsp sugar.

Take a pot heat up with 1 cup milk.
Mix the custard and cocoa powder with few spoon of water.
Now add it in the milk pot.
Stir it.
Add grated chocolate and sugar.
Stir it so that all things mix perfectly.
Now turn off heat.
And keep it in the freeze.

For oreo wafer dessert shooters you will need.
1 cup heavy milk.
1/2 cup chocolate syrup.
4 crushed oreo biscuits
4 medium size crushed wafer
5 small glass.

Take a bowl mix the oreo crushed with heavy cream.
Now pour it in the glass.
Now crushed the wafer add over it.
Then add chocolate syrup.

Serve it chill.
Enjoy this... :)

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