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Mango Falooda

I think it is perfect time to try this Mango Falooda cause now you have plenty of mangoes and it is also a perfect item for Iftar. It is full of milk, mango and other healthy ingredients. So it is healthy but too much yummy recipe.

3 cup milk.
1/2 cup Noodles.
4 tsp sugar.
2 tbsp Falooda seed.
1 tbsp white flour.
Few drops of vanilla essence.
2 cup mango puree.
2 medium size mangoes chopped.
Few tsp Rooh Afza.
Vanilla or Mango Ice cream.

Take a pot heat up with 3 cup milk.
When it come into boil, add Noodles, sugar and falooda seeds.

Stir it till the noodles cooked.

Then mix 1 tbsp flour with few tbsp water.
Pour it in the milk.

Stir it, then simmer it a little.

Then pour it in a bowl add few drops of vanilla essence.
Chill it in the freeze.

Then take your serving glass add 1 tsp Rooh Afza.
Then add few tbsp mango puree, few tbsp Cooked milk, chopped mango. finally add a scoop of mango or Vanilla ice cream.

Prepare all the glass like this

Garnish it with chopped mangoes.

Serve and enjoy.. :)

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