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Noodles fritters

I just thought to made the Noodles in a little bit different way then the idea of making Noodles fritters just came in my mind. You can add vegetables, chicken with it to make it more healthy for your children. It doesn't take a lot of time you can serve it as breakfast or evening snack.

Doesn't it look yummy also? So let's see how you can made this recipe.

1. 2 cup boiled noodles.
2. 1 cup boiled mashed potatoes.
3. 2 eggs.
4. 4 tbsp white flour.
5. 1 medium size minced onion
6. 6 minced green chilies.
7. maggi masla 2 tbsp or garam masla
8. Salt 1 tsp.
9. Soybean oil

Take a bowl break 2 eggs and whisk it.
Then add the all spices(onion, chilies, maggi masla/garam masla & salt).
Mix it.
Then add the boiled noodles, mashed potatoes & wheat flour.
Mix it well.
Now heat a non-stick pan with 2 tbsp oil then pour half of the mixture.
Give a round  shape with the help of spatula.
Now fry one side till it become golden brown.
Then invert it with help of a plate.
Add again 2 tbsp oil and fry another side.
You can fry it by make a little round shape also.
Fry all the mixture.

Serve it hot with tomato sauce.

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