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বুধবার, ১০ জুন, ২০১৫

Bread pizza

When I made it and take a picture it was really look too yum. My little bro always help me to take the picture of my recipes. You can do it with vegetarian or non-vegetarian way.


1. 4 slice bread
2. 1 egg
3. Yard long bean 1/2 cup minced
4. Tomato sauce
5. Cheese(I don't use it when I made this pizza)
6. Salt
7. Oil
8. 1 medium size onion minced
9. 5-6 slit green chilies

Heat a pan with 2 tbsp oil.
Add minced onion and green chilies saute it.
Add 1/2 tsp salt then add the minced yard long bean.
Cook it till it become tender.
Break the egg add it in the pan and mixed it perfectly.
Now add 5-6 tsp of tomato sauce.

Now take a bread slice smear some tomato sauce add a little portion of the vegetable mix.
Then bake 2-3 minutes.
If you use grated cheese then bake it till the cheese melt.

Serve it warm.

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