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Potato Gulab Jamun

I think everyone known about Gulab Jamun recipe and they also know how to make it. Today I am going to tell you how to make Potato Gulab Jamun.

2 cup (250 g) boiled mashed potato.
1 cup  ( 125 g) white flour.
1 cup (125 g) semolina
1 cup (125 g) milk powder or cheese
1 cup (125 g) liquid milk.
1 cup cashew and raisin
1 egg
Soybean oil

First heat up a pot with 1 cup milk when it come into boil turn off heat.
Then add semolina,flour, 1 tsp sugar and 1 pinch salt.
Mixed it with spatula then cover it and keep it aside for 10 minute.
Now crushed the cashew and raisin in a blender.
Take a bowl and mashed the boiled potatoes perfectly then add milk powder or cheese, crushed cashew nuts and mix it well.
Then break the egg and add it in the flour, semolina mixture.
Mix it perfectly.
Then mix it with potato mixture.
If your mixture become sticky then add oil in your hand and then make round shape
and deep fry till it become golden  brown.

For syrup
Take a pot heat up 500 g water with 500 g sugar
Then add 4 cardamom and 2 medium size cinnamon stick.
When the sugar dissolved in water turn off the heat.
Add few drops of lemon.
Then soak the potato gulab jamun in it for 10 minute.

Serve it and enjoy.

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