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Pastry cream

I think whipped cream is not available for everyone and you can not make it easily. You can use this cream to make Ice cream,Mousse,cake filling, trifle etc.
This cream color is little different but you can whipped cream to make white color or you can just use like this.

2 eggs.
2 cup milk (250 g)
2 tsp white flour.
4 tsp sugar.
1 tsp vanilla essence.
2 tbsp butter.

Take a pot and boil the milk with 2 tsp sugar in medium heat.
When it come into boil turn off heat.

Take a bowl whisk eggs, add  flour  and 2 tsp sugar mix together.

Now add milk in the bowl little by little and mix continuously, so that eggs don't cook by heat.

Mix all the milk.

Then pour it in a saucepan and again turn on heat.
Stir it in low heat.
Don't stop stirring.

It become thick after few minutes.

When it come into boil turn off heat.

Then add butter and vanilla essence.
Mix well.

When it come into room temperature.
Keep it in the freeze.

Chill it and use it when you need.

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